Registration is Now Open!

How to Submit an Event:

1. Please read through the EVENT GUIDELINES

2. Select “$60 Event Payment” or “$250 Unlimited Event Payment”

3. Submit your event(s) information on the form below. Note: if your event is ticketed or advance pay, please include link to purchase.

4. Add the appropriate number of listings you’ve submitted to your Cart

5. Proceed to Checkout

6. Fill out billing details and place order

7. Fill out secure payment portal 

8. Check your email for your receipt

9.  Await approval of your event from Long Beach Beer Week organizers

10. The 2019 Long Beach Beer Week Calendar will go live no later than August 15th

All approved events submitted prior to August 15th will immediately available after that date. All events submitted after August 15th will be posted within 24 hours of submission.

Once your event has been approved, you can view it at: