Event Guidelines


Events are a great opportunity to engage craft beer enthusiasts and new customers during a week of heightened awareness about products they love.

Long Beach Beer Week will promote your event and participation in the craft beer community, bringing greater exposure to your business or products.

Your fans and guests will enjoy participating in Long Beach Beer Week.

By helping to promote and increase awareness of craft beer, your business and all businesses related to craft beer will benefit!


Beer + Food

Special food and beer pairings

Beer dinners, brunches, breakfasts, happy hours or lunches

Showcase Craft Beer

New beer release parties

Tap take-overs

Special beer flights, by style, by region, vintage, packaging, process, etc.

Brewery tours

Special Guests & Activities

Meet the Brewer

Meet the Cicerone

Biking, busing or walking tours

Beer yoga

Thematically match special releases with unique entertainment: Beer pairings with movie showings, painting, art exhibits, magic, and more.


Educational events geared toward brewing styles, history, science, technology, art, collectables, etc.

Home brewing demonstrations

Brewers, host an open brew day

Get Creative

Collaborate with other businesses, experts, artists, etc.

Any special event (see our definition of an “event” under requirements) that celebrates and promotes the quality, heritage and/or future of craft brewing will be considered. Let your creative juices flow!


Events must promote and embody the spirit of craft beer, which is quality beer that celebrates small, independent brewers from the US and abroad, its cultural tradition and innovative spirit.

The focus of the event must be the promotion of independent breweries.

Events should be exceptional and emphasize QUALITY over quantity. They should be fun activities, educational, invite food pairing opportunities, and most importantly, inspire, surprise and excite beer lovers to support craft beer all year long.

Most importantly, events must be true events – meaning they feature a special, unique or rare selection of beer, activity, guest and/or food component, and are generally considered special and exceptional occasions, not a usual or normal activity that can be held any day of the year.

Long Beach Beer Week will NOT approve events centered on discounts or giveaways, that are a regular happy hour menu, pint night or pricing specials, that promote common, unexceptional, ‘every day’ tap list offering, or that encourage excessive drinking.

Unless an event genuinely spans multiple hours of a day (e.g., a festival), events – including and especially Tap Take-overs – must be restricted to four hours on the schedule or be set as an All Day Event, in which case they will display differently from a normal event on the schedule.

Tap Take-overs must offer special, new or rare releases as part of the beer selection. 

Long Beach Beer Week is a curated list. We reserve the right to reject or remove submissions at our discretion, including but not limited to postings that contain language or images that may be deemed offensive, discriminatory, inappropriate or violate laws, or use an image, name or mark without proper authorization.

Events must be submitted in standard sentence formatting. Any listing submitted using ALL CAPS, or odd or unusual formatting will not be approved.

All events are edited to maintain a consistent copy style and readability across the site. Once an event is approved, the only allowable edits will be material changes, such at the event’s time, place or description. NOTE: Certain fields, including an event’s title, get locked down once published and can only be changed by contacting us directly at cheers@longbeachbeerweek.com with your request; when doing so, make sure to include the title, location and day/time of the event you want changed.

Venue hosts may resubmit a rejected event for approval if the issue with the event has been rectified.